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Upgrade your website into mobile first or lose yourself

Mobile first design in regards to developing a successful website is a simple approach to responsive design. When developing a website, depending on how responsive it is, will determine your successes as it can open up new compatible opportunities to your current and future customers. Mobile first design is to be considered when designing where your content is going to be placed and how the users/customer will interact with it.

To begin with you will have a lot of content and ideas on how that content gets delivered to the users and customers so it important to start small and work with a mobile design format first, then you branch out and add more information and or options as more space is revealed as the platform is increased to its largest size.

Why Mobile First approach is really important?

Except for the victory of progressive advancement against graceful degradation as mentioned above, we have more tangible reasons to believe that mobile-first principle is important in product design. That is, the exploding of mobile use.

Mobile internet usage has surpassed desktop usage in 2016.

People have spent more and more time on the internet from mobile ends.

Early in 2012, smartphone sales have overtaken PC sales.

The internet is becoming more mobile every day with mobile phones becoming faster and having more processing power than your average desktop. Websites now need to be responsive and compatible with these current changes to keep up to date.

Consumers have a much more “on-the-go” lifestyle, checking emails on the move and browsing the internet wherever possible. Mobile networks are constantly improving to allow for faster internet speeds and therefore you shouldn’t miss out on any opportunity to reach your audience.

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